About Us

We are Arttico, a family of art-lovers who decided to go for it and start an adventure in the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. We combine our skills, knowledge, and experience in business and technology and work to offer you a virtual experience based on our passion for art, design, and community.

Arttico.net is more than an online store where you can explore different styles and tap into your creativity. We promise to help you find products with exclusive designs that make you happy because they not only look great but come from real people.

Our philosophy is simple - we believe there is a market for quality art-inspired products sourced by communities and small businesses that deserve a fair chance in our global economy. We want to help those products get to you.

We strive to keep our store unique and exciting, with room for a bit of magic, so you feel on a "treasure hunt" shopping experience. We work continuously to find and bring you a new selection of inspiring products. Besides, we always keep limited inventory, so if you love it, grab it!

Arttico.net is yours. We would love to hear from you. What products would you like? Let's build a boundless community that shares our love for art. Please share your thoughts with us #artticonnection